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    Palace of Wonder Returns!!!

    Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 17.45.45

    After a long, four year hiatus, one of Fuji Rock’s most beloved and unique areas, The Palace of Wonder is set to finally make its return.


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    Advanced and Discount Tickets Available

    Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 9.19.52

    Don’t miss out on your chance to grab discounted advanced tickets, available now.

    You can find information on advanced ticketing at the official website’s ticketing section, which are available until general ticket sales begin on Friday, June 2nd.


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    Fuji Rock for Beginners – How To


    Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran Fujirocker who hasn’t been in a while, you’ve likely got some questions and concerns about what to bring, how to get there, available ticketing types and anything you might be in the dark about.

    Not to worry, as the official site now has the answers to your questions in English.


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    Rookie A Go-Go Auditions now Open!!

    • April 24, 2023 ● Bands


    If merely attending Fuji Rock Festival and rocking out in the crowd isn’t quite enough for you, why not apply now to appear on the festival’s famous Rookie A Go-Go stage?

    This stage has featured amateur and up-and-coming artists, famously acting as a launching pad for such groups as King Gnu, CHAI and Creepy Nuts in the past.


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    Lineup Updated – 2nd Wave of Acts Added

    • March 4, 2023 ● Bands


    The second wave of acts have been added to the lineup.

    See the artists page on the official site for more in-depth information.

    Fuji Rock Festival 2023 Official Site – Artists


  • 328812000_1543032696196402_8681577967247521135_n

    Lineup Announced for 2023!

    • February 4, 2023 ● Bands


    The lineup for 2023 has been announced and includes seasoned Fuji Rock veterans Foo Fighters, along with heavy-hitters Lizzo and The Strokes. Head over to the official website for in-depth information on each artist as well as advanced ticket information. There are still plenty more acts to be announced, so stay tuned!


  • Photo by @jpegmafia on Instagram

    Meet Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks, AKA JPEGMAFIA

    Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks, better known as rapper and producer JPEGMAFIA, has been making movements around the world with performances at Gov Ball in Queens (New York, U.S.A), Splendor on the Grass in Byron Bay, (Australia) and the long awaited Fuji Rock coming up this month.

  • Fuji Rock '22 Map

    Your Guide to Fuji Rock Stages

    Fuji Rock '22 Map

    With the official timetable out we can finally plan our dream Fuji Rock schedules! Whether you are a returnee or a first timer, here’s a run down of all of the stages at the festival. Let’s talk about what you need to know, what facilities there are and what to expect from all of the different stages Fuji Rock has to offer!


  • Otoboke Beaver

    Otoboke Beaver: Sex, Shibazuke and Rock and Roll

    otoboke 2

    When Otoboke Beaver hits the Naeba Shokudo stage late on Saturday night those in attendance had best be braced and prepared for the storm. This fierce, fast, bright and frantic Kyoto four-pierce is sure to deliver a flurry of punk raw enough to rival any typhoon.


  • Happy Bunny Couple

    Madbunny: Enduring Symbol of Fuji Rock

    Happy Bunny Couple

    Happy Bunny Couple

    For Fuji Rock veterans, these playful, brightly colored bunnies are synonymous with the best festival moments such as a stroll along the boardwalk or the carefree feeling of listening to great music with a group of friends. The story of how these bunnies found their way to Naeba and later, in the middle of the iconic yellow towel freely distributed by Tower Records is well worth a quick read.


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