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    Fuji Rock Prep: Where to Buy Camping Gear

    In the run up to the festival, we always get lots of inquiries about camping gear.  However, when camping at Fuji Rock, your first concern should be whether you’ve bought a camping ticket…or not. If you haven’t, you’d better get on that – Naeba is not the place to try roughing it. If you’re attending the festival from overseas and are wondering if you can pick up camping equipment in Japan, here’s a brief guide to shops in Japan catering for your needs.


  • EPPAI, busking and basking

    EPPAI, Clown Prince of the Madcap

    EPPAI, busking and basking

    EPPAI, busking and basking

    Generally punk and one-man band are not concepts that fit together neatly in a person’s mind. Also, one would assume that the real draw of a one-man band would be the skill of the performance, not the crowd-work and attitude around the edges.  Especially when the performance involves playing violin and piano at the same time. But Tokyo’s EPPAI takes the anarchy and musical/comedic sensibilities of the Marx brothers and repackages it for the 21st century in the form of a punk one-man band performance artist.  


  • frf

    5 reasons to get excited about Fuji Rock 2018



    The best music festival in the Far East, and possibly the known world, is upon us yet again my friends. So while I couldn’t possibly list all the reasons to get excited about Fuji Rock this year, let’s examine a few. READ MORE

  • Post-Malone - Never Not Ballin!

    Post-Malone: From Rap to Riches



    WHAAAAT… Number 1 album debut on Billboard 200, three top ten tracks at the same minute, 400 million streams in a week, and oh snap, mega-hit “Psycho”, which is THE jam of the summer. Don’t believe me, check it here rocking Coachella and I bet you it’s blasting out of every Prius and Maybach cruising down the 405. Need another jam to add to the playlist? What bout this one: “Rockstar”.


  • 1_DSC3927

    New Release Round Up: A Preview of Upcoming Material by 2018 Acts


    Vampire Weekend at Fuji Rock 2013

    One of the big reasons that artists hit the summer festival circuit is to promote fresh new material they’ve just released.

    With Fuji Rock 2018 only a few months away, we have proof of some new albums coming out between then and now, with a few others that fans expect to be released before the date of the festival comes rolling around.


  • d_a_n_2018

    Real Rising Suns: Some Of The Up-And-Coming Japanese Acts At Fuji Rock 2018


    Many people flock to Naeba every July because of the chance to see biggie-sized international acts take the stage at the Fuji Rock Festival, and the 2018 installment promises to deliver on that front. Yet it’s also a great chance to catch young domestic artists get a first crack at big-stage fair, and a great performance at Fuji Rock can win over new fans and potentially push themselves up a few rungs as a result. Plenty more names are sure to be announced in the months leading up to the gathering, but here are some early highlights from the pool of up-and-coming Japanese acts making the trip out to Niigata this summer.


  • 690_gon3

    A Real Rock Star


    Gon-chans ready to be released into the wild

    For almost everyone who arrives at Fuji Rock, one of the first unusual sights they may come across is a number of large boulders and rocks painted in bright primary colours, sporting expressions that seem quizzical, melancholy, surprised or thoughtful, among a range of other emotions you could project on to them. Scattered throughout the Fuji Rock festival site, the stony brood of Gon-chans, as they are known, have long been a fixture of the fest. Their creator, Gordon (Robert Gordon McHarg III), is a London-based artist who has worked closely with the festival for over a decade as well as the Joe Strummer Foundation and many more projects.


  • Fishbone

    Oldies And Goodies

    • March 23, 2018 ● Bands


    If last week’s news of Nobel Prize-winning cultural icon Bob Dylan playing Fuji Rock surprised you, you weren’t the only ones.  Making his 101st appearance in Japan 40 years after his first, his announcement preceded today’s further additions to the 2018 line-up.


  • kendrick_lamar

    First Line-up Announcement for 2018

    • February 9, 2018 ● Bands


    This year’s first Fuji Rock announcement is out and it’s comfortingly familiar.


  • arcticmonkeys

    Fuji Rock Line-up Predictions

    • January 22, 2018 ● Bands


    Arctic Monkeys at Fuji Rock, 2011

    With the first Fuji Rock line-up announcement looming we thought we’d risk our non-existent musical reputations and take a punt at predicting which overseas acts will be on this year’s main stages. A few options have already been taken out of the running with early announcements from other Japanese festivals (My Bloody Valentine/ Nine Inch Nails), but there’s still plenty to choose from.