• Rookie A Go-Go Auditions now Open!!

    • April 24, 2023 ● Bands


    If merely attending Fuji Rock Festival and rocking out in the crowd isn’t quite enough for you, why not apply now to appear on the festival’s famous Rookie A Go-Go stage?

    This stage has featured amateur and up-and-coming artists, famously acting as a launching pad for such groups as King Gnu, CHAI and Creepy Nuts in the past.

    If you and your band think you have what it takes to make your mark on the Rookie A Go-Go stage and propel yourself to music festival superstardom, head on over to the official site and apply now!

    Note that applications are available only in Japanese, and please also check the Japanese side of the official site for in-depth information before applying.

    The application period is from Friday, March 10th and open until 11:59pm on Sunday April 30th, 2023.

    See more on this news at the link to the official site here:

    Fuji Rock Festival 2023: Rookie A Go-Go Auditions