• Let Rookie a Go-Go Surprise You

    • June 24, 2023 ● Bands

    Unearth some gems at the Rookie a Go-Go stage

    Tomorrow’s Headlines at Rookie a Go-Go stage

    This year’s lineup is nearly complete, but we still have one oft-overlooked stage to look forward to, Rookie a Go-Go! This battle of the band platform features a handful of cream of the crop aspiring artists selected form hundreds of applicants from all over the world, all competing for the winning title chosen by YOU!

    Big names and world famous faces are the big draw for festivals like Fuji Rock, names like Lizzo and Foo Fighters which even your grandparents have heard of. But what about xiexie or downt? They got the street cred of having their name in Fuji Rock lights at last year’s festival! Another great feature of the stage is it is your chance to have your voice heard at Fuji Rock by placing your vote for your favorite artist. The feeling of power you wield over some young artist’s hopes and dreams is intoxicating.

    The winner you select also gets the sweetest prize of all, a guaranteed spot on a big stage at next year’s festival. This year that lucky rising star is the California-funk punk unit AGE, appearing on the illustrious Red Marquee stage on Friday. They will be joining the ranks of groups like King Gnu, Chai, Suchmos and Tempalay, now super famous acts with humble origins on the Rookie a Go-Go stage.

    Who will be this year’s as yet undiscovered gem starting their journey to the top? The lineup for the stage has yet to be announced, keep your eyes and ears open and don’t forget to take the time to participate in Fuji Rock history!