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    Prep for the Fuji Rock Heat!

    Looking like a hot one!

    If you’ve been watching the mercury rise as we lurch sweatily into the swamp of summer, you know that being prepared can make all the difference between feeling breezy cool and damply wilted. Follow these simple tips to avoid suffering as the latter during this year’s Fuji Rock, where hot temps are just as guarantied as a spot of rain!


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    Advanced and Discount Tickets Available

    Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 9.19.52

    Don’t miss out on your chance to grab discounted advanced tickets, available now.

    You can find information on advanced ticketing at the official website’s ticketing section, which are available until general ticket sales begin on Friday, June 2nd.


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    Fuji Rock for Beginners – How To


    Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran Fujirocker who hasn’t been in a while, you’ve likely got some questions and concerns about what to bring, how to get there, available ticketing types and anything you might be in the dark about.

    Not to worry, as the official site now has the answers to your questions in English.


  • Fuji Rock '22 Map

    Your Guide to Fuji Rock Stages

    Fuji Rock '22 Map

    With the official timetable out we can finally plan our dream Fuji Rock schedules! Whether you are a returnee or a first timer, here’s a run down of all of the stages at the festival. Let’s talk about what you need to know, what facilities there are and what to expect from all of the different stages Fuji Rock has to offer!


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    Festival Fashion: How to Dress for Fuji Rock

    Hey there, Nina here reporting on Fuji Rock’s fashion trends. READ MORE

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    Looking Like a Chilly Weekend! A Few Tips to Stay Warm and Dry

    The first day of the festival is right around the corner, and the forecast is looking fairly frosty!


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    Prophylactic Measures – To Keep Everyone Safe

    Thermometer Pic for FRF 2021 Article 2
    We gather this year to protect and conserve a legacy that we built together; a movement of aficionados gathering from far and wide, each year. And, just as important as gathering is to the protection of our “culture,” security measures are put in place, to make sure all see next year. Anyone disregarding public safety may be asked to leave, or may be refused entry. READ MORE

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    Free Your Hands to Party Harder


    World travellers often have epic stories of hauling heavy luggage through brutal (see: stupid) situations. They make for funny anecdotes but, once we’ve collected a few notches on our shins, most of us would rather find a better way. Enter the good people at Luggage-Free Travel. Masterminded by people who care about your happiness,  Luggage-Free Travel allows globe trotters to drop off their luggage at three locations in Narita airport (or one in Haneda Airport) to be delivered to your choice of seven hotels in Naeba; making your voyage more relaxing, and fulfilling.* ** ***


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    Oft-Overlooked Camping Items

    Camping at Fuji Rock is an experience not to be missed.  Here are some items that will help you make the most of it.


  • Heavy rain during Fishbone's 2018 White Stage set.

    It Always Rains At Fuji Rock

    Heavy rain during Fishbone's 2018 White Stage set.

    It always rains. Even gorgeous sunny weekends in Naeba can see an hour or two of intense downpours, and this may well happen during that set you by your favorite band you are absolutely not willing to miss. Don’t let it ruin your day or weekend. As a group, Fujirockers pride themselves on rain preparedness, a culture which interestingly has its roots in the very first Fuji Rock, which was hit by a typhoon and left thousands drenched and many in danger of hypothermia (read an interesting account of that first year here). Festival goers have been prepared for rain ever since. To stay dry and comfortable, let’s break it down into three types of clothing to think about: footwear, hats and keeping your body dry. READ MORE