• Never Young Beach

    The New Wave Of Japanese Rock At Fuji Rock 2017

    Never Young Beach

    Never Young Beach

    Although there remains just over two months before the 2017 edition of Fuji Rock kicks off, the poster for this year’s gathering has come together quite nicely. A few stories become clear within its somewhat trippy illustrations — Shibuya-kei cornerstones Cornelius and Kenji Ozawa appear on the same day; a healthy amount of groups have reunited and are making triumphant returns to Naeba (LCD Soundsystem, The Avalanches); electronic acts lean towards the darker side. READ MORE

  • Radwimps

    Fujirockers English Blog Is Go!


    In today’s latest line-up annoucement Fujirock has confirmed Radwimps onto the bill.  If you’re unfamiliar with the band, they’ve been a fixture of the mainstream Japanese music scene for the past decade, but it was their work on the recent smash movie “Your Name” which has catapulted them to huge success and popularity. READ MORE

  • rookie-a-go-go

    How to Apply for Rookie A Go-Go

    • April 6, 2017 ● Bands


    Outside the main festival gates at Fuji Rock you may find yourself wandering back to your tent, hotel or hostel one summery evening when the sound of a band calls out to you on your left.  Dazed and sweaty from a headline show at the Green Stage, you’re still aching for something else to keep the buzz going, so you follow that sound and step through the mouth of a giant, fiery skull to find yourself at the Rookie A Go-Go stage, a magical musical space which has been showcasing unsigned bands at Fuji Rock since the beginning of this millennium.


  • Gorillaz_Humanz_Album

    Fuji Rock 3rd Line-Up Announcement

    • March 31, 2017 ● Bands



    If you’ve been playing the game of looking to see who’s dropping records this year and therefore might be out on tour, you’ll most likely have been mulling over whether Gorillaz could be persuaded to play Japan after the band’s near 6-year hiatus.  Well, good news: the band will be playing as main headliners at the festival this summer!


  • 0310_flyer

    Fuji Rock 2017 Second Line-Up Announcement

    • March 10, 2017 ● Bands


    The latest artists announced for this year’s festival include a number of Japanese artists as well as overseas acts.  Here’s our Top 3 overseas artists from this announcement worth checking out.


  • Fujirock_Bjork

    Fuji Rock 2017 First Line-Up Announcement

    • February 10, 2017 ● Bands


    The first line-up announcement is out and, as you can see below, it’s a mix of old friends and new.


  • Bo Ningen at Fuji Rock 2013

    Laura’s Musical Marmite Sunday

    • July 19, 2016 ● Bands

    Fuji Rock offers a veritable cornucopia of musical delights, but when your taste in music tends towards the darker, screamier end of the spectrum it can seem like a little bit of a wasteland at times. Luckily, this year the line-up on Sunday promises a mix of the weird, wacky and wonderfully chuggy. Whether you like it or not will be another matter altogether, but pull up a camping chair and get comfy at the White Stage with me.


  • IMG_3962A

    Rookie Round-up Day 3

    • July 18, 2016 ● Bands



    If you’re still full of beans after the Red Hot Chilli Peppers on Sunday night, here’s a run down of the bands playing the Rookie stage.


  • Naeba Shokudo

    Guide to the Small Stages: Naeba Shokudo

    • July 16, 2016 ● Bands

    Naeba Shokudo literally means “Naeba cafeteria.” The stage is a wooden deck at the back of a large noodle stall in the food court area. Most people encounter it while walking at night between the Green Stage and the Red Marquee as music coming from behind an improbably large clump of people half standing, half slipping on a miniature muddy-sloped ampitheater. It’s a little wall-less juke joint in the middle of the woods. Each night, 5 to 6 bands will perform from 6:45pm till 12:30am. They are (mostly) Japanese groups and tend to be well known professional performers — new or mid-range artists on major labels, TV personalities, veterans of esoteric club circuits, popular indie goups and so on. They also tend to be small, tight groups — hardly more than three people can fit on the stage — as well as upbeat purveyors of instant entertainment. In short, they’re a bunch of great acts who are too experienced for the Rookie-A-Go-Go, too raucous for Gypsy Avalon and for various reasons couldn’t fit on the festival’s bigger stages.


  • rookie-a-go-go

    Rookie Round-up Day 2

    • July 13, 2016 ● Bands


    Here’s your guide to Day 2 at the Rookie Stage!