• Festival Fashion: How to Dress for Fuji Rock

    Hey there, Nina here reporting on Fuji Rock’s fashion trends.

    fuji rock

    Music festivals in other parts of the world often zoom focus on the fashion portion of the experience; so much so that some of the most well-known fast fashion brands have their own line of clothing catered for certain music festivals. However, things are done a bit differently at the largest and most well-known festival here in Japan.

    At Fuji Rock Festival, music comes first and fashion comes second…or even third or fourth if you consider the high priority the festival’s gourmet and non-music entertainment hold for people’s experiences. Nonetheless, there is still a certain type of festival fashion that exists at FRF. I personally like to call it “Camper Chic”. It’s a mixture of the unique Japanese outdoor fashion which incorporates colorful accessories and practical essentials. Here is a list of fashion items you won’t want to leave at home before departing for FRF:

    Bucket Hat 

    Bucket hats have made a comeback in recent years, but it’s always been in fashion at this festival. It’s perfect for its multiple uses from blocking out the sun to keeping the rain out of your eyes. And remember, the more colorful or unique it is, it makes it easier for your friends to find you in any crowd.


    What can’t you use a bandana for? It’s the ultimate outdoor fashion item that can be used as a makeshift mask, headband, scarf, cooling towel, or even a picnic sheet to sit on. It can add a touch of color or funky accessory to any look that can be transformed into anything you wish to use it as later on.

    Rain Boots

    You can’t survive Fuji Rock without proper footwear. While every once in a while, the festival is blessed with sunny and dry weather, it’s best to assume that the forecast will include some downpours and wet puddles. With so much ground to cover from stage to stage, be sure to not only wear rain boots, but to wear comfortable rain boots. Your happy, dry, and rested feet will thank you later!

    Hint: I wear my TEVA rain boots which are moulded to my feet and are as comfortable as Birkenstocks or hiking boots. It truly makes a difference!


    I wasn’t kidding when I said that rain will be on the forecast. Whether you grab a plastic poncho from the 100-yen store or splurge on a more durable one with a sick design, a poncho is a must-have. In fact, it’s a better option than a raincoat because it’s more breezy. And you’ll want that breeze when it’s raining with over 50% in humidity.

    Fanny Pack or Back Pack

    An easy access bag is essential for all the items you want to carry around with you. Even at its most crowded times, Fuji Rock can feel spacious because well, it’s Japan, and everyone respects each other’s space. Besides a poncho, be sure to bring layers as it can get cold at night, or the clothes could be used for change out of wet ones. Keep in mind that the festival takes place in the mountains so sunscreen and bug spray are important, too!

    2021 Bonuses


    If you happen to forget everything else, just be sure to remember this one item. A mask is a must at FRF ’21 and you won’t want to forget it. Sure, a simple disposable one works (and recommended), but if you’re going for some fun fashion, be sure to dress it up with another layer of a funky mask design. I’ll be sporting a homemade one myself 😉

    Biker Shorts

    Where in the world did this come from? Biker shorts are totally “in” this year – from high fashion to everyday use. Its comfort status fits in with the vibe of this festival, so let’s see if any of this year’s attendees will take on the challenge to incorporate this new trend in their FRF fashion.


    Looking forward to seeing all you beautiful people out at FRF ’21!