• Fake Creators: Deep Fake or the Real Thing?

    Brand new collaboration: De De Mouse x LITE

    Brand new collaboration: De De Mouse x LITE

    Most musical acts don’t have the courage to debut at a festival as important as Fuji Rock. But then again, few artists have played the festival as many times as De De Mouse. Familiarity with Naeba audiences has bred some degree of confidence for this Tokyo-based DJ who has been traveling back and forth to this off season ski resort since 2009.

    De De Mouse, aka Daisuke Endo, is an established performer known for eclectic tastes allowing him to spin everything from house, hip-hop, dub, grime, jungle and footwork. His shows also feature lush synth melodies and mesmerizing video production amplifying the  intense energy of his one-a-kind soundtracks. A well traveled festival performer, audiences often walk away visually and sonically amazed.

    When De De Mouse isn’t performing, he’s a prolific recording artist, producing a full length album nearly every year over the past decade as well as continually  collaborating with multiple artists. His latest project migh be the most daring yet, working with a live band to create music that is musically challenging across multiple categories.

    For the moment, little is known about Fake Creators aside from an edgy, buzz worthy website which offers links to a photo with band members faces blurred out, and a banger mp3 debut TheNightBeforeSamidare. Everything is hosted on Dropbox btw which is either a shortcut for web developers or just a glimpse at how underground music is gonna be dropped from here on out.

    Initial media about the new group says Fake Creators is a group pushing the boundaries of music with their ethos of individuality and originality,  “a unique blend of mystifying psychedelic rock by reimagining LITE’s edgy sounds combined with De De Mouse’s overwhelming physical beats.”

    Like De De Mouse, LITE is a well known Japanese rock band known for thrilling and emotional compositions with 16 years of recordings and tours  taking them to Europe, America, and beyond.The Japanese quartet has established itself as one of the most influential groups across subgenres ranging from “math-rock” to “post-rock” including memorable performances at Fuji Rock.

    Following Fuji Rock, Fake Creators are set to tour their innovative collaboration beginning in August.


    Text: Sean S.

    Photo: Fake Creators