• F@king at Fuji Rock!

    Photo Credit: Andy Jones

    Photo Credit: Andy Jones


    F@king at Fuji Rock!

    Music can serve as a powerful aphrodisiac, and live music even more so. Perhaps no events are more iconic of this phenomenon than the Summer of Love, and the legendary festival that followed soon afterwards; Woodstock. However, as your own pheromones start flowing at this weekend’s festival, consider these factors before getting your love on.


    Many recent articles in the print media proclaimed that Japanese people – especially the younger set – are having sex less than their predecessors. This may create the illusion of a decreased risk of STD’s.  However, anyone buying into that delusion would be sadly mistaken.

    A Japan Times article from January of 2018 reported that new cases of syphylis – an STD nearly eradicated in Japan years ago – had surged in 2017, to more than double those of 2015.1 Syphilis can be transmitted not only through vaginal and anal sex, but also through oral as well. The latter sometimes leads to infection in a person who assumes the risk of an STD is low due to the lack of intercourse during a given encounter. The international appeal of the Fuji Rock festival also increases your risk of infection; with music fans from around the globe flying in for the festivities. In Alberta, Canada, cases of gonorrhoea are reported to have doubled between 2014 and 2018, and cases of syphilis have gone up nearly tenfold.2 Another news story in the Washington Post from May 9th of this year, reveals that cases of gonorrhoea being spread through kissing are also on the rise, particularly in the demographics of gay and bisexual men.3 A good rule of thumb is to use a different condom before every sexual activity; oral included, if you want to be as safe as possible. And, the truest of truths is that you are never perfectly safe. However, as always, being informed lets you minimize the risks.


    An official from the Minami Uonuma Police Station in the province of Niigata (where Fuji Rock is held) would like to warn you that, while there are no specific laws prohibiting you from f@king while camping, if someone should contact them complaining about the noise (etc.), then charges may be filed. Our source informs us that this is part of Niigata’s “anti-nuisance ordinance”; against disturbing the peace. He also said there is a zero-tolerance policy for public nudity in Niigata. His final words on the subject of sex-related crimes are that sexual contact with minors is strictly illegal in Niigata. This brings us to the following point.


    It’s not just for medical forms anymore. To paraphrase a recent viral British video likening it to tea, “just because you made some (tea) for someone, doesn’t mean they have to drink it. People can ask for tea and then change their minds. And, most importantly, remember, unconscious people do not want tea”. When in doubt, a good rule of thumb may be the F.R.I.E.S. acronym; (consent is) Freely given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic, and Specific. 

    In Conclusion

    Observing the aforementioned tips can help keep you free from diseases, and can also help keep you out of jail. Whether enjoying an amorous encounter with a partner who comes with you, or one you meet at the festival – like a good flight attendant – this author wishes you a safe and pleasant journey.

    See You in the Field of Dreams,






    N.B. Author Laurier Tiernan is both married and monogamous, thus will not be f@king at Fuji Rock. 

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    3 Got gonorrhea? It may have come from French kissing, study says.