• Best Spots to Chill Between Sets


    The Boardwalk

    The artist/stage timetable for Fuji Rock’s 2018 outing is of course yet to be revealed, but let’s take a look at this scenario: You’ve mapped out your plan of attack for the weekend down to the finest detail, but between that must-see set at the Red Marquee and your next don’t-miss act on the Green Stage, you’ve got an hour (or so) to kill.

    You could make the trek early and muscle your way up to the front, but for those who want to take things a bit easier, or those into exploring all the distinctive areas that make Fuji Rock what it is, why not try a chilling out for a bit rather than rushing to or from every performance?




    amuse08-1This riverside spot nestled near the bridge between the Green and White stages provides a perfect place to kick off your shoes and dip your tired feet in the cool river between your favorite big-name sets. Adding to the appeal are a line of food stands serving a variety of delicious dishes to sample. Just be sure to avoid peak times like lunch and dinner where many festival-goes have the same idea to have a bite and a relaxing wade in the cool waters.


    Just up the road from Tokoro Tengoku toward the Green stage is the kids area, a definite must if you have little ones in tow. Here you can enjoy swings from the trees, mini-concerts for tots, crafts, a miniature merry-go-round, and some playhouses for climbing and playing. This is a great place to pass the time if your young’n’s need to burn off some energy.



    A ride on the gondola to the Daydreaming and Silent Breeze stages is an excellent change of scenery from the backs of thousands of people’s heads, whisking you off through the trees and up to the clouds. Not only is this a good side-trip away from the crowds, once you reach the top, you’ve found prime napping space with green grass and cool mountain air.



    If you don’t quite have the time (or the 1500yen fee) for the Dragondola, another idea is a leisurely stroll along the shady and colorful boardwalk. Constantly getting updates and fresh paint by volunteers each year, it weaves through the forest with views of the river and installations by various artists to take in along the way. This is also the only way to access the small but popular Mokudo-tei stage, tucked along the boardwalk path in the forest.



    A new addition to this year’s fest is an attraction borrowed from Glastonbury, UNFAIRGROUND. Those familiar with this area at Glastonbury may already know, but expect the UNFAIRGROUND to be a good place to enjoy some time between sets in the Cafe de Paris / Field of Heaven areas. Featuring graffiti, circus performers, sculptures and more, this place will surely be worth checking out!


    For a peek at these areas and more in the layout of this years festival, visit the Stage / Area section of the official website.