• Party All the Time! Miniscule of Sound

    Fuji Rock’s most exclusive party space is the Miniscule of Sound which sits majesticaly alongside shipping containers and at tire swing at the Palace of Wonder. Punters can queue upwards of an hour for a visit which may last no longer than a Kylie Minogue extended play single. Fuji Rockers was given exclusive access, behind the velvet rope.

    Hey Kev, thanks for the interview

    Make it quick, I’ve only left one on the door things could turn ugly at any moment!

    What’s the secret to getting in? Should I wait in queue or rush the door with a coterie of femmes? Does a fiver help?

    All of the above sunshine, all of the above!

    I was once denied entry into Peter gatien’s club USA in nyc in late 80s for wearing shorts, do you have a dress code?

    Anything that’s good enough for Peter Gatian to ban is good enough for The Miniscule to ban! He didn’t ban a lot though did he so he must have had good reason to keep you out and If Peter says no shorts we say “NO SHORTS!”but louder! Dress code is arbitrary and at the complete discretion of the meathead, i mean security, on the door on any given night.

    No Viking policy remains in place with an increase in look out and early warning security systems for any attempt at infiltration of club premises by other marauding invaders such as Visigoths or Gauls. – Actual Goths are still welcome.

    The mighty, majestic, Miniscule of Sound!

    The mighty, majestic, Miniscule of Sound!

    I know you run a clean club but is there a secret no-no room or a place where unspeakables happen. Are people known to pass things to the Djs?

    The DJ is too high and mighty to accept anything from a mere punter!

    EDM is sweeping the world. Do you have a strict rule it has to be above 128bpm?

    You what!? EDM? We aren’t in Miami now sonny jim!
    Hard & furious to soft and seductive we welcome all ages and ranges of BPM!

    Last year I heard one of your Djs “Micheal Allen brothers” or some other nome de Guerre succumbed to the heat and miscalculated how many beers he drank? Will he be back? If not, who will play Ramones requests?

    I think you must mean the legendary “Kenmichal Brothers” and their traditional Fuji closing set in the early hours of the final night.
    He, or rather they, may well be back we can’t say it is a secret closing headliner after all! – that is if he or they can find his or their way back to the club . . . Unfortunately!

    Gabba Gabba Hey!

    Remind me about operating times?

    All nIght! Every Night!

    Any expansion plans ? I remember the cinema and sports park. Maybe an upscale farm to table bistro or drop off dry cleaning..

    The sports park was a health and safety nightmare and didn’t figure with our clear “NO SPORTSWEAR – NO VIKINGS!” door policy so with a few tonne of tarmac we could reconfigure that as a spatial lounge leisure zone with Heli & Velo coptor landing facilities for the ideal 21st century “pop in pop out” festival “flash” experience. No need for dry cleaning then and home in time for checking in on ones own Bistro darling.

    Are vip cards , bracelets, past memberships still honored ? Or do I have to go through all that shit once again?

    All these can be rescinded, overridden or annulled without notice, reason or rationality!

    Anything else you’d like to say for yourself?

    Two photos attached, one from 2015 with Macy Gray and the door staff and Japanny-A-Granny who will be bothering customers outside again this year and celebrating Fuji 20th and her 93rdth year.
    and the other full frontal club view from fuji 2015.