• Looking Like a Chilly Weekend! A Few Tips to Stay Warm and Dry

    The first day of the festival is right around the corner, and the forecast is looking fairly frosty!

    Fishbone in the Fuji weather

    Fishbone in the Fuji weather

    Our staff on the grounds have been reporting temperatures under 20°C during the day recently, and in the nighttime they will most certainly creep lower. Also, as always, if there is one safe bet about the weather conditions at Fuji Rock it is, of course, rain. Preparing your gear (and your will) can make the difference between a comfy time and a one full of uncomfortably numb fingers and toes. Here are a few tips to keep you toasty and dry.


    Kairo – The Japanese Pocket Warmer

    Available at any grocery store, convenience store, basically anywhere that offers daily goods, kairo are a lifesaver when temps drop. They are essentially inexpensive and mild chemical heating pouches that are disposable and on-demand. After a quick shake and a short wait your fingers will go from frosty to feeling fine. Sticker backed options can be applied to the lower back, neck, most any durable spot on the body too far from a pocket. Definitely the cheapest way to ensure some warmth. 



    Over the course of a day and night, the weather at Naeba can go from steamy to nippy in the blink of an eye, so make sure you have plenty of layering options. Lightweight fleeces, a warm hat or two, even a shawl to top it all off, layering options can give you the freedom to go from height of summer breezy style to sudden chill bundled in the blink of an eye.


    Soups and Teas

    There are lots of ways to warm up from the outside in, but few things do a better job of warming you up from the inside out than a steaming soup or a piping hot tea. A good thermos can help you keep some warm beverages with you just in case, and there will be plenty of food vendors ready to fill your belly with hot liquid delicacies. 


    Good Socks

    That’s it. Just get yourself some good, wooly socks.


    Stay Active

    Even though your impulse might be to find a good spot at your favorite stage, hunker down there and stick it out for the long haul, when the chill sets in a little stroll (or a socially distanced dance) can get the blood flowing back to those numbing extremities. You’ll be in some beautiful nature at Fuji Rock, take a walk to soak some of it in!


    Rain Gear, Rain Gear, Rain Gear

    It goes without saying, but umbrellas aren’t an option so a good set of rain gear can be a lifesaver. And not just a jacket! Rain pants, rain boots, rain gloves, better safe than sorry. Even if there isn’t rain they will still help hold off biting wind, and they are usually compact enough to carry with you just in case. If rain comes and decides to stay for extended periods of time you might want to upgrade your kit to something a little more mountain tested, or even double down on the jackets and pants. An extra layer of protection makes all the difference. Keep a few Ziplock baggies with you for valuables and your phone as well.


    Taking precautions is a must this year, and preparing for the weather is a big part of this.

    Stay warm, stay dry, stay safe and party on.