• Fujirock Outdoor Theater

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    Each year at Fujirock, there is an outdoor theater playing a selection of films under the stars.

    The screen is placed in the Tokoro Tengoku area, near the bridge that crosses the stream leading to the White Stage.

    You can catch films shown here on both Friday and Saturday night. Set up your camp chair and enjoy your favorite film in the cool mountain air. 

    The films that were selected for this year were announced on the official site. Friday, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, which has gone over very well with Japanese audiences, will play starting at 11:40pm.

    On Saturday, there’s a double feature.

    First, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Tora-san films, ‘Otoko ha Tsuraiyo’ (Its Tough Being a Man) will begin at 11:40pm. No word yet on if this Japanese film will have English subtitles displayed.

    After that, the heartwarming musical Father and Daughter tale ‘Hearts Beat Loud’ will roll from 1:20am.

    Here is a clearly marked schedule of the films:

    Fri, July 26th 『Bohemian Rhapsody』 Starts 23:40
    Sat, July 27th 『Otoko ha Tsuraiyo』 Starts 23:40
    『Hearts Beat Loud』 Starts 25:20

    The outdoor theater is weather permitting, which sometimes comes as a challenge in Naeba in the summer. However, if there are clear skies, catching a good film in the open air could be just the Fujirock experience you needed.

    You can read more about the films and the schedule on the official site:


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    Image: Fujirockfestival.com Official Site