• What on Earth should I wear to Fuji Rock?

    Now that you’ve got your waterproof shoes and practical camping clothes picked out, it’s time to throw some actual fashion items into your luggage. So make sure to save some room for a frog suit, panda mask, interesting headgear, face paint, or exceptional clothing items that will have the punters lining up to snap selfies with you. Need some inspiration? Here’s a sampling of festival fashion statements from 2017.


    PANDAMAN is an annual fixture at Fuji Rock and if you are there for the weekend, you will probably see him. Of the 30,000-40,000 daily festival visitors, he is possibly the easiest to pick out. The Mexican-wrestler style panda mask, novelty sunglasses and other adornments are so striking you almost forget he is dressed as a rather outree salaryman. Indeed, few others do the festival in suit and tie, and note the pocket handkerchief! One could surely pen a sociology thesis decoding his wardrobe as a critique of Japanese society, but it’s far easier to go up and take a selfie with him. He never says no :)



    Is the UNICORN thing still happening? Well, sure! Why not? And what better place than Fuji Rock to live out your fantasies of infantilized hedonism! You go girl! Get your prance on!


    sailor moon dudes

    Maybe they lost a bet? Well, not necessarily. Let’s give it up for these Euro dudes in their Sailor Moon-esque schoolgirl gear! They definitely could have gone farther with the look, but wigs would be a real bother to wear in the woods all day, and I’m guessing it was difficult to find hip boots in the right size. So let’s give credit where credit is due. As the Chinese proverb says, “When you cross the border, adopt the local custom.” It’s quite possible they imagine that they are doing so.



    This trio of lovely ladies not only get points for rocking those yukatas, but if you will notice, they’re also donning masks of their favorite artist! In this case, for the 2017 festival, it was Aphex Twin. I think it’s actually kind of cool to dress like the band your going to see, a tradition stretching at least from the Grateful Dead to the Juggalos. What about 2018? N.E.R.D.? Kendrick Lamar? There’s a big lineup. Take your pick!


    finger nails

    froggy girl

    Great nails! And especially notice the one pinkie nail that looks like Gon-chan, the colorful painted rocks that populate Naeba. She’s also in a full-body frog suit. Geero! Geero!


    super mario


    There’s nothing wrong with a little COSPLAY, or if you prefer, Halloween-style costumes of your favorite pop-culture heroes. Batman wearing a Tower Records towel is very Fuji Rock. Nice touch!


    dinosaur tribe

    All kids should definitely dress as dinosaurs. And not just at Fuji Rock. Also illuminating here, it seems that triceratops bonnets come in adult sizes. Look closer, and you’ll see the ladies are wearing dinosaur t-shirts too. This was obviously thought out.


    cheetah trio front cheetah trio

    WTF! Not every outfit has an easy explanation. Sometimes it just feels right. We can only imagine the conversation these three guys had as they were buying three matching sets of clothes to wear as a unit all weekend long. Surely! We can only imagine!


    Photos: Fujirock.org