• Masato Moja: Add Some Magic to Your Fuji Rock



    The allure of magic is something that transcends age and culture. Basically, everybody gets a kick out of a good magic trick. But the best magic takes place in the context of a great show, courtesy of a great showman. Few are able to make magic an indie art form like Tokyo’s Masato Moja. Typically he can be seen busking around the country, frequently in collaboration with his partner in crime EPPAI (who will also be performing at Fuji Rock).  But his festival shows are always a special treat.

    Originally hailing from Okinawa, you can feel the laid-back island vibes in his understated, droll performances. But don’t let the chilled-out vibes deceive you into thinking his performances are half-hearted. His dry, deadpan wit is what takes this magic show from simply impressive into the realms truly inspiring performance art. Think a mix of Teller and Buster Keaton with a little bit of Peter Sellers thrown in for good measure. Magic, absurdism and comedy all wrapped up in one anarchic package.

    Expect everything from close-up card magic, wacky large-scale tricks, significant amounts of golden confetti, inanimate pigeons taking flight, surreal use of clown noses and a lot of smiling faces.

    Recently I had a chance to ask Masato Moja a few brief questions about himself.


    Who are you?

    Magic in the Mountains

    Magic in the Mountains

    I am Masato Moja.


    What do you do?

    I guess I just mess around everyday.


    Why do you do it?

    To stay alive!


    Where will you be performing at Fuji Rock?

    Around the Oasis or at Tokoro Tengoku. I will tweet out showtimes!


    Masato Moja is a man of few words, but his performances speak volumes.  You can find his twitter account at @mojamasato, and make sure to check that feed for times to track him down! Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.